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Cofnodion Cyngor/Council Minutes

Minutes - (Remote) - September 2021

Present:    Chairperson:               H Hughes        
                                                            C Bainbridge                                                                                                                                                              R Dalton
                                                            R Davies
                                                            M Griffiths
                                                            J James
                                                            G B Jones
                                                            A J Morris
                                                            D Pryce Jones                                                  
                                                            D Tweedy                                                                                                        
In Attendance:  County Cllr:       R P Quant
                                   Clerk:              M Walker                     
                                                            4 Members of the Public. 


 97. Cllr A Thomas.


 98.  None.


  1. To remind Cllrs that any matters of interest which may arise during the meeting must be declared.


100. It was resolved to confirm the minutes of the remote monthly meeting held on 5th July 2021 as being a true record. Proposed by Cllr Morris and seconded by Cllr Bryn Jones. All members voted in favour.

  1. None.

102.  Coronavirus.  Updates from One Voice Wales, Welsh Government and Ceredigion County Council.

103.  One Voice Wales.

Operation London Bridge.

CHC leaflets and a link to their website.

Wales Community Supported Agriculture summer gathering.

Details of Llanbadarn Community Council’s application for Village Green Status.

All Wales Public Graduate Programme.

Local Places for Nature webinar.

One Voice Wales’ Innovative Practice Conference 22nd September via Zoom.

A request for examples of good practice/initiatives from Community and Town Councils in relation to litter and dog fouling. 

Local Places for Nature: Breaking Barriers Grant programme.

Details of remote training sessions taking place in July, August and September.

Latest news and information from Planning Aid Wales.

A new networking group is being set up to discuss Environmental issues.

OVW offers some 23 training modules as part of its Councillor training programme and we are now looking to recruit several additional training associates.

Aberystwyth Town Council is looking to recruit a trainee/deputy clerk.

Live Webinar: PART 2 - Your Town, Your Future - Regenerating Town Centres.

Establishing a Community Fridge.

Electoral Reform Newsletter July 2021.

Details of the Community Ownership Fund.

Llanfihangel Rhos-y-Corn Community Council – Vacancy.

3rd update of the guide to taking part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons 2nd June 2022.

Ministerial Advisory Forum on Ageing and its priorities for the sixth senedd.

July 2021 newsletter.

A call for communities in Wales to submit their interest to improve local paths and nature.

Public Sector Route Map-working together towards the goal of a zero carbon public sector by 2030.

Briefing notes to support the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 relating to multi-location meetings.

August news bulletin.

Come and join Derek Brockway and Ramblers Cymru for a special book launch walk through the Vale of Glamorgan on the 14th August.

Details of a vacancy for a statistical officer with the Welsh Government.

Updated guidance in support of the 2016 Model Code of Conduct.

Innovative Practice Conference-Wednesday 22 September.

Details of a One Voice Wales and Keep Wales Tidy Free Webinar.

Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales - statement of payment returns for 2020 – 2021.

Children's playgrounds and outdoor play areas: coronavirus guidance.

BT Scam.

Consultation on local taxes for second homes and self-catering accommodation.

Book your place – Foundational Economy Conference.

Delivering Well-being with Donut Economics.

OVW Consultation response to the IRPW Remuneration Framework for Community and Town Councils Review.

Our Living Trails newsletter.

Cymru'n Cofio Wales Remembers final publication.

Council to support Emergency Services Day on 9th September.

August update of the Guide to Taking Part in The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons due to be held on the 2nd June 2022.

Improving health services in your area.

Electoral Reform Newsletter August 2021.

Vacancy for Clerk/RFO Llanon Community Council.

Building More Low Carbon Homes.

Shaping Wales' Future: Using national milestones and indicators to measure our Nation's progress.

Welsh Public Sector Asbestos Management Assurance Process (WAMAP) Questionnaire.

Important update – changes to the Electronic Information Mapping Service system.

Starting from scratch, Ceredigion resident gains confidence and lands his first ever job.

104.  Welsh Government.

Latest consultations.

An invitation for nominations for consideration for the Queens Birthday 2022 Honours List.

Welsh Government Woodland Estate (WGWE) ‘UKWAS Audit.  From week commencing 9th August NRW will be audited by the Soil Association to ensure compliance with the UK Woodland Assurance Standards.

A review of the Remuneration Framework for Community and Town Councils.

To consider a response to the Welsh Government consultation – ‘Proposal to reduce speed limit to 20mph on residential streets’

Draft Local Elections (Principal Areas) (Wales) Rules 2021 and draft Local Elections (Communities) (Wales) Rules 2021 consultation documents.

105.  Ceredigion County Council.

Summer Reading Challenge 2021.

Ceredigion residents supported back to work.

Climate Cymru.

Walking, cycling and horse riding opportunities in Ceredigion.

Local authorities come together to boost number of foster carers in Wales.

The Tour of Britain Cycle Race will be passing through Borth on 8 September.

Council urges business to prepare for major change in food labelling.

Communities for Work Plus helps resident get back into work after being made redundant.

Innovative ideas sought for a stronger Cardigan Bay coast.

Your dog, your job campaign.

Aberystwyth Farmers Market returns.

Leisure facilities to reopen in Autumn.

Ceredigion Museum to reopen with a new exhibition.

Libraries to open fully.

Road Closures: 8 September 2021 - Tour of Britain Cycle Race Stage 4 Ceredigion.

Congratulations to Ceredigion pupils on their exam results.

Alert Level 0 – What this means for Ceredigion businesses, residents and visitors.

Work continues on rural model of community care and housing.

Physical Activity Development Plan.

Ceredigion Assessment of Local Well-being.

Have your say on how Ceredigion becomes a more physically active county.

Council urges residents to get the financial help and support they need.

Highest level of coronavirus cases since January.

Ceredigion to take part in resettling Afghan refugees that were employed by the UK Government.

Assessment of Local Well-being Engagement Activity - North Ceredigion.

Ceredigion residents to have their say on future walking and cycling routes.

106.  Ecodyfi.  Details of a Tree Festival and a Repair It event and a Grazing in Native Woodland' and climate event.

107.  Versus Arthritis.  Updates on Versus Arthritis and the work that the organisation are doing in Ceredigion.

108.  Cloudy IT.  A guide to broadcasting council meetings mini summit.

109.  Ecodyfi.  The annual meeting of the Dyfi Biosphere is to be held on the 22nd July and a Machynlleth Climate Change newsletter.

110.  Disabled Access onto the Beach.  A follow up letter asking whether consideration has been given to a request for a disabled access onto the beach at the north end of the village.  The Clerk was asked to reply to the e-mail confirming that the query has been passed on to CCC.

111.  Came & Co.  A pre-renewal message from the Council’s insurance company.

112.  Network Rail.  A request to walk along the railway boundary across Borth Community Council land to carry out ecology surveys.

113.  Japanese Knotweed.  An e-mail advising that there is a considerable amount of knotweed on the dog walk.  The Clerk was asked to contact Rachel Mills at CCC.

114.  Pine Centre.  An e-mail advising that the new owner plans to make changes to the shop.

115.  Borth 2030.  The final document of Phase 1 which outlines a long term strategic direction and vision for the village.

116.  Came & Co.  August newsletter.

117.  ElanCity.  Correspondence from the company who specialises in traffic control and public communication systems.

118.  Get to Know Ronald McDonald House Charities.  A request from the local fundraiser to raise awareness for their charity in our local area.

119.  Borth Begins Film.  The screening of the film will take place on Saturday 25th September.

120.  Ben Lake AS/MP.  A questionnaire on Community Bank accounts and services.

121.  HSBC.  Details of changes to the Community Bank Account from the 1st November 2021 and proposed charges.

122.  Borth Football Club.  A request for the sum of £1500 towards the upkeep and maintenance of Uppingham Playing Fields.  Cllr Hughes proposed and Cllr Griffiths seconded that the Clerk write to the treasurer of BUFC for a copy of their audited accounts and a copy of an invoice from Rob Griffiths for the grass cutting.  All members voted in favour.

123. Gofal Cardi Care.  Rural Health and Care Wales is looking to undertake a community resilience project that will trial the Solva Care toolkit in a coastal community in Ceredigion and Borth has been identified as one of four potential communities in Ceredigion, with a similar demographic to Solva, where the project could be run.


  1. Balance of Accounts at 13 August 2021
        Nationwide                                                                                               30,229.71
        Community Acct                                                                                      20,894.54
        Business No Notice Acct                                                                        18,836.00
        Deposit Account                                                                                         3,749.19
  1. Income
        Ceredigion County Council Precept – 2nd payment                            6,682.50
  1. Expenditure – Members resolved to pay the following:

       Redlynch Leisure Installations Ltd – playground equipment          11,977.20

       J H Matthews – internal audit 2020/21                                                        100.00

       G E Davies – sand and paint memorial seat                                                  50.00

       Natural Resources Wales –drainage rates                                                    290.88

       M Walker-salary £1044.20, off exp £27.90                                                  1,072.10

       Heledd Davies – July minutes translation                                                        91.80

      Proposed by Cllr Bainbridge and seconded by Cllr Jones with all members voting in favour.


  1. A210580. Loft conversion to include construction of new pitched roof with rooflights. Removal of existing conservatory and construction of veranda and porch.  Rocklands, Cliff Drive, Borth. Cllrs Hugh Hughes, Bryn Jones and Cllr Delyth Pryce Jones declared an interest in writing to the Clerk.  Although there are buildings of more than one storey between Francis Road and the rise up to the War Memorial, the area nevertheless retains a low-rise, seaside bungalow character. The location and scale of this application will go some way to dilute this quality. The application is further compromised by its overbearing effect on Sandymount situated at a lower level and adjacent to the North/North-East elevation of Rocklands.

A210650.  First floor extension and single storey extension to replace existing first floor extension.  Mor Lan, High Street, Borth. No observations or objections.

A210745.  Proposed alterations and extension to existing dwelling.  34 Cae Gwylan, Borth.  No observations or objections.


  1. Ongoing.


  1. The Clerk will forward all details of registered boats to date to Cllr Hughes.


  1. Nothing to report.


 131.  Cllr Hughes referred to two beach wheelchairs situated by the RNLI station which CCC kindly provided for a few weeks.  There was nothing to report on the possibility of getting superfast broadband in the village.  The two defibrillators require new pads at a cost of £89.00 for a twin pack.  Cllr Jones proposed to buy the pads, Cllr Griffiths seconded with all members voting in favour.  Cllr Griffiths pledged to buy a pad for one of the defibs.  Cllr Hughes took the opportunity to thank Cllr Quant for organising the community hall to be used as a centre for those people evacuated during the fire of the 3rd September and to all those who helped that evening and in particular to two young girls who offered their assistance.  There was wonderful community support.  Cllr Hughes is keen to raise awareness of the need for fire alarms in the next few months.


 132.  Cllr Bainbridge is to remove all playground signs relating to covid. Borth Community Hub has had a successful summer running various courses. Cllr Bainbridge was pleased with the success of the carnival events held and thanked Cllr Tweedy for helping out at the Chalk Fest and to Cllr Quant for his help and advice.  She is concerned that there is a wide channel on the road under Dolybont Bridge , however, Cllr Quant confirmed that the road had been white lined.

Cllr Jones was grateful that CCC had provided beach wheelchairs and hoped that they would be available next year for a longer period of time.  He gave a brief update on the Borth Health and Care Group to those members who missed the face to face get together in the community hall.

Cllr Pryce Jones has delivered a letter to the lifeguards thanking them for their excellent work and for making dog owners aware of the dog ban on the beach.

Cllr Tweedy gave thanks to everyone who participated and supported the Chalk Fest.

Cllr Morris is concerned at how narrow the road to the Animalarium has become due to overgrown reeds.

Cllr Davies informed members that work on the Borth 2030 project is still ongoing.

Cllr Dalton has been approached by several of her neighbours who have concerns that the wall to the rear of Brynheulog has been taken down and that the wall was built as a costal defence long before the properties in front were built. Cllr Hughes proposed, Cllr Griffiths seconded to send a letter to CCC and NRW as this is a matter for them.  The Clerk arranged to meet with Cllrs Dalton and Griffiths to view the rear of the property. 


 133. Cllr Quant gave an update on the coronavirus situation up to the 31st August when he was last briefed.  The main car park opposite Brynowen has recently been used to store stone, some of which has been used to fill the potholes. He requested that members complete the survey on the proposal to reduce the speed limit to 20mph on residential streets.  The next PACT meeting has been scheduled for Thursday 16th September.  Cllr Quant referred to minute 110 and suggested that the area opposite Benfleet would be the best place for disabled access onto the beach.  The barriers onto the Golf Club car park have been removed.  Traffic Wardens will not be making frequent visits to Borth.  Cllr Quant informed members that BBC Wales would be interviewing Mr James Davies as he reported the recent fire in Borth to the emergency services.


 134.  There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.  Agenda items for the next meeting to be held on Monday 4th October 2021 to include Benches, Boat Park and Face to Face meetings.  Any other items are to be notified to the Clerk.  Cllr Hughes will issue a link to the remote meeting in advance.      

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