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Croeso i Borth ac Ynys-las

Welcome to Borth & Ynyslas

Gwybodaeth i Breswylwyr ac Ymwelwyr
Information for Residents and Visitors 
Contact E-mail: Website Administrator
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What's On? Borth Community Hall

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Documentary about Prince Charles

'I am part of a group of final year students at Aberystwyth University. For our final project we are making a documentary about Prince Charles' time studying here during the Spring of 1969 and we are hoping that you might be able to help us. We are looking for people to participate in this documentary and were wondering if you might have any members, or know of anyone else, who would be willing to be interviewed. We are looking in particular for anyone who remembers him being here or has any interesting stories to tell about his time here. Our aim for this documentary is to establish how this event impacted the people of Aberystwyth and how his arrival here divided opinion amongst residents.'
I hope you will pass this along to your members, and if anyone thinks they might be of help, let me know and I shall contact those involved.
Kind Regards,
Aberystwyth Branch Secretary
The Royal British Legion.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Being Prepared for Cold & Snow

Dear all,
Ask for help if you need it in this particularly cold spell and snow to come.
​ If a powercut also occurs due to snow or high winds, the loss of electricity may make it harder to keep warm, some suggestions below to be prepared.​
In snow
Check on neighbours, elderly, unwell, if you can, tell someone if concerned
Grit or clear to your front door if you can
Don’t make unnecessary journeys or use public transport where you can, take adequate warm clothing/supplies
Beware of black ice
Get supplies in if prolonged
If running out of supplies notify your Community Warden
Prepare in case of power cut or loss of phone line (see power cut section)
Before a power cut
Keep handy:
Torch (and fresh batteries)
Battery-powered radio tuned into local radio station, Corded telephone
Boil water and keep it in a thermos flask for hot drinks/hot water bottles
Get blankets and warm layers ready
Plan for alternative sources of heating if the power cut is lengthy e.g. calor gas heater, wood burning stove (paraffin heaters are dangerous and are not recommended by the fire brigade)
Check neighbours that might need help
Cordless landline phones will not work in a power cut
Landline corded phones will work if the telephone lines are undamaged
Charge up any mobile phones
Saving Mobile Battery Switch off your mobile, or set it to ‘aircraft’ mode (switches off the search for a mobile network)
If you keep your phone on, close all unnecessary smart phone apps, switch off mobile data, Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS, disable 3G or 4G if your phone supports it. This will maximise battery life.
Note: the Coastguard, Police and Lifeboat all have vhf radio if there is no telephone line.

During a power cut
Report anyone on a ventilator or dialysis machine, including the electricity company priority service team
Switch off appliances and lights, leave 1 light on so you know when power is back on
Don’t leave candles unattended.
Don’t open the freezer door unless you have to.
Don’t use a generator indoors - exhaust fumes can kill.
​Keep warm and safe
Cllr Jill Hulse​
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Dewis Cymru / Cymru Dewis

Cyngor yn galw ar sefydliadau lleol, grwpiau cymunedol a busnesau bach i fynychu digwyddiadau gwybodaeth Dewis Cymru

Council calls on local organisations, community groups and small businesses to attend Dewis Cymru information events.

Click Ceredigion Press Release Pdf



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Borth Scarecrow Festival 2018

You’ll be sent your number and some helpful information. We’ll still welcome late (but not too late) entries but we do need time to make, print and distribute the maps showing all locations.

Let`s fill Borth with a wonderful variety of Scarecrows from April 20th- 23rd.

Coming Soon! 
Borth Scarecrow Festival

Friday April 20th-Monday April 23
Registration forms for this event have gone to all houses in the village, Ynyslas and Glanwern.

Last date for Registering is March 24th 

Please join in and place your scarecrow between the Golf Club and Aberwennol. 

Ben Lake MP, will be judging and selecting winners on the afternoon of Saturday 21st April. 
Borth – we can do this!


PDF for Print Out

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Would you like to be a Community Warden?

Would you like to be a Community Warden?

The main role of a volunteer Community Warden is to provide a vital link between the public and the authorities involved in emergency incidents, for example this may be flooding, storms with very high winds or power cuts. The role is about passing information on to a small group of residents located around/near to your house and checking if any vulnerable people in your patch are okay.  

Some residents in a Community Warden patch may need some basic help in an emergency, if you are able to help them and it is safe and straight forward then that’s great -otherwise it’s a very big help if you can flag up to the authorities and Emergency Plan Coordinators that help is needed. 

The role is also about passing back information to the Emergency Plan Coordinators, Mike Wilcox and Jill Hulse so that they can gather and feed information on local conditions to the authorities.  Examples might be rising flood water levels or people particularly vulnerable during power cuts due to medical conditions or unable to keep warm. It definitely isn’t about going out in very bad weather or flooding to rescue people or to put yourself in any risk at any time – these roles are covered by the emergency services/authorities.  Our aim is to pass information about before the really bad weather or flooding occurs.

Community Wardens should be registered with Floodline (https://naturalresources.wales/flooding/sign-up-to-receive-flood-warnings/?lang=en) so that if a flood warning is sent out, we know you will receive it and we won’t contact you.  If further information comes out from Natural Resources Wales or another emergency related authority then we would start to share that additional information with you so you are as knowledgeable and can share information with your neighbours.  

If you'd like to be a Community Warden please e-mail Mike Wilcox This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 01970 871245) or Jill Hulse e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel: 01970 871256 
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Knotweed Important Information

Have you got Japanese Knotweed in Borth or Ynyslas? Now is the time to treat it - advice and help for residents below. 

Japanese Knotweed, an invasive plant, is steadily increasing in parts of our community.  As it is such a problem plant we have put together a leaflet (photos attached) to explain to residents about the plant and what you could do to eradicate it.
The leaflet explains:
What it is and how to identify it
Why it is a problem
The Law relating to controlling and disposing of Japanese knotweed
How to get rid of it if you have it on your property
Plus sources of further information and advice
Congratulations to two residents, Olly Walker and John Lineham in passing a professional pesticides course that qualifies them to treat Japenese Knotweed.  In return they have both offered some voluntary hours to treat Japanesse Knotweed in our community through the most effective means - by stem injection.  
NOW is an ideal time to tackle Japanese knotweed and we have some volunteer hours available to the community.  Check your gardens.  If you would like some advice about Japanese Knotweed on your property, or may be interested in taking up the offer of assistance with treating it (for a small donation) please get in touch, my contact details are below.  
Ceredigion County Council have kindly helped us with this leaflet and its printing.  Some of you may have had a copy posted through your door last week if you are in the locality of known areas of Japanese Knotweed, it doesn't mean to say you have the plant.  If you don't need the leaflet and you received one - please pass it on, also please feel free to share this email and leaflet with anyone you think may find it useful.

Borth Community Council Information Feb 2018

Dear all
Winter advice on Japanese Knotweed (JKW) for residents
  • · Check your property to see if you have any Japanese Knotweed.
  • · It can cause structural damage to your property, penetrating weaknesses in walls and asphalt, it can significantly reduce your property value and may affect your ability to obtain a mortgage.
  • · Clear dead stems November to February/March to allow access for treatment and leave on site to dry and burn.
  • · It is easily spread by small fragments, ensure no fragments, stems or roots are taken off site or from the garden, don’t take it to the Household Waste Site. If the stems are in grass and you mow the areas, place clippings on a sheet and allow to dry then burn on site, do not burn within 10m of watercourses
  • · Get ready to treat in the growing season
We will be visiting residences near to where JPK may occur, sharing our leaflet with owners who did not previously receive a copy or need a further copy. We have two qualified people in the community who can come and stem inject the Japanese knotweed for you at a rate of £5 per hour in the growing season. Let us know if you are interested in this, and if you are interested but may have difficulty affording this. 
Many thanks  Cllr. Jill Hulse
home 01970 871256
mobile 07740 799643
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Community Advice for Japanese Knotweed Poster

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Y Borth Community Council: Cyngor Cymuned Y Borth

Photo: Cllr. Jill Hulse (Chair) and Cllr Rona Dalton, Borth Community Council, with the Chief Executive Lyn Cadwalader of One Voice Wales with our award.

Something to celebrate! Our Community Emergency Plan won an award today!

All down to ​you, ​the community, the 53 community wardens, Borth Community Councillors, RNLI, Coastguard, Ceredigion County Council and Natural Resources Wales working together in partnership to develop the plan and use it in an emergency. It has made a real difference in our community and it's great to have won an award that helps share good practice.
Borth Community Council entered the Community Emergency Plan into the One Voice Wales Innovative Practice Annual Award for Best Community Engagement Initiative, we came first in Wales for this category and brought home a glass trophy!
Thank you very much to all involved in the Community Emergency Plan. We'd love to have more Community Wardens- let us know if you'd like to know more.
Cllr. Jill Hulse

'Dog friendly' areas and 'No dogs' parts of the beach in Borth & Ynyslas.

'Dog friendly' areas and 'No dogs' parts of the beach in Borth & Ynyslas.
Just a reminder to all that dogs are not allowed on the beach between the cliffs and the northern point of Borth village from 1st May until 30th September.
Dogs on the beach where we can an order in place could impact on our blue flag status. 
Dogs are very welcome on the beach from the YHA/ Golf course all the way North to Ynyslas and the National Nature Reserve.
Do please pick up dog mess and dispose of it in litter bins.
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Speed Checks

Dyfed-Powys Police and Borth Community Council were out again this morning 19th Dec recording vehicle speeds in Borth as part of the Community Speed Watch Scheme. 
Vehicles travelling over the speed limit will be recorded and verified immediately and details given to the Police who will act on the information. 
We are now ready to set up more volunteers from the community, the more volunteers - the more we can do. Please let us know if you'd like to find out more or to join, or phone Gwenllian Ashley on 01970 872004 who is coordinating. 
We will also be expanding the locations we are recording speeds.  Hoping this raises the profile and reminds people to keep speeds down to the speed limit. 
Cllr Jill Hulse
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GanBwyll / GoSafe

Dear all, update.

Borth Community Council and the Police were out this morning between 8.35 and 9.05 Wed 17th May 2017 and in that half hour logged 6 cars over the limit, the Police take that information away for their records, the Community Council has no further action. Today we also had the Police speeding van person with us to check we were doing it all okay and also to look at another site in Borth, we hope once this new location is improved we will be able to have a third location approved.  He shared some leaflets with us about GoSafe, these are attached here.  Positively lots and lots of people were taking care driving through the village too.  
It would be a big help if we had more people willing to help with such speed awareness activity.  If you might be interested, or someone you know might be, do please get in touch.  It does take a while to be authorised so its worth starting the process even if its for a later date.  You would always be one of three people at any time and there is no follow up action needed, we just need someone to hold the speed radar, another person to verify the results immediately and a person to write the details down, its very straight forward.  You wouldn't be obliged to come every time either, the more we have the more of a rotation between people is possible.
Many thanks
Cllr. Jill Hulse
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