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Website Information

Website Information

At Borth’s Community Council Meeting March 2010 Councillor Frank Hitchings enquired whether it was possible for Borth to have its own website, County Councillor Ray Quant explained there was an Aberystwyth website with Borth included on it, but the site was not managed or updated regularly so it had become uninformative.
County Cllr Ray Quant was asked if he would make enquiries to see if it was possible for Borth Community to manage and run its own website.
At the Borth Community Council Meeting in March 2010 County Cllr Ray Quant explained that he had found a company called Smart Data in Aberystwyth who were willing to construct Borth’s own website, and that Ceredigion County Council were very interested in using this website to inform the public of the progress of Borth Coastal Defence scheme Phase 1 during 2010/2011 and also were prepared to contribute a large portion of the initial setup costs.
It was agreed by BCC to go ahead with the construction of the site, and four people volunteered to attend a short training session at Smart Data, and so the website was born.

Borth Sports and Playing Fields Association registered and manage the site, overseeing the volunteers who have access to enter and edit page content. 

The site was up and running in April 2010 and slowly began to grow, starting on page eighty three of Google search engine until eventually reaching page one, two months later, where it still is today.

Borth Web site pages have been viewed well over 200,000 times from 22 countries around the world, increasing during the holiday season.
Borth Coastal Defence Scheme has proven to be very popular page to view on the web-site and to keep up with the various stages of construction, with many pictures to view, the hits have increased to nearly 500 a day, which is amazing for a small Village web-site, and many visitors have been arriving wanting to see the structures being built.
Many businesses have kindly decided to have their details advertised on the website, while making a small contribution to the site upkeep.
All information is welcomed, this is what the site is all about, providing as much information as possible about Borth, with what’s on, where to go, and general information about the surrounding area, holiday parks, accommodation, attractions and village news etc.
All the site administrators contribute their time free of charge, for the betterment of the village, and to inform residents, visitors, holiday makers, and people who are interested in learning about this beautiful area of Wales.
We hope you find it useful and informative especially after the site was upgraded in February 2017
Contact Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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