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Sayer Daycare
My name is Carly Sayer and I am married with 3 children. I have been a registered child minder since 2005 and cannot think of any other job I would rather do.
In my child minding business I offer good quality home based childcare, home cooked food, fun, exercise, music, creativity and the care and attention that any parent would want for their child. I provide daily diaries so that parents can see what we have been doing. I run quarterly themes so for each season I choose a theme to study and alter it according to the ages and abilities of the children in my care. At the end of the term the children to take home all their work presented in a folder.
My home is next to a lovely 3 mile long beach and I also have a medium sized, child friendly garden. With every activity I ensure that the children’s ages and abilities are taken into account. I carry out regular risk assessments and health and safety checks. I produce annual quality assessment reports which parents all get copies of.
I am registered with the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales and regularly receive inspections and information of current courses available in order to offer a higher quality of care. If there are any special needs, for example food allergies, pet allergies, special dietary requirements, asthma, learning difficulties etc. You just have to let me know and we can work together to give the best care for your child.    
Cost of service I charge £4.00 per hour per child which includes meals, healthy snacks and beverages/ although it is helpful if you pack some snacks for them. During the school holidays though I do ask if you could bring packed lunches as I tend to be busier during those times. Also all toddler groups fees are included. I am available for most of the year but do have 5 weeks off at half the normal rate charged
Hours of Business Monday-Thursday  8:00am-6:00pm
  Can be flexible  You can contact me on:
(01970) 871 054 / 07792197061
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